Sprouted Minds was founded by Michael Assayag, a junior college transfer to UC Berkeley as a Political Science major. With a passion for health and fitness Michael grew fed up with the rampant inauthenticity of brands and their messaging. Delving deep into politics and agriculture courses at Cal he quickly became aware of how broken the food system was and realized his aspirations of a political battle was out of the question. He understood to truly make a difference was to create a strong brand with a powerful message: through a healthy and robust community great things can be accomplished. Not just for him, but for all of us.

     Michael fought hard to bring this brand to the masses. Production humbly began in his Berkeley studio apartment funding the company on student loans, financial aid and credit cards. This all while battling a debilitating back injury that had plagued him. Michael was part of the Disabled Students Program at Berkeley which gave him special allowances on campus such as laying on the floor in class. Unfortunately the back injury escalated leaving him with no choice but to drop out of school during his first semester. Even through this traumatic time Michael was able to get Sprouted Minds approved by Whole Foods Market as it's first retail location and quickly garnered attention. Whole Foods subsequently awarded Sprouted Minds the Local Producer Grant two years in a row out of the programs three year history. All those little battles were the easy parts. Fighting for shelf space has required sacrifice, tenacity and often times sleeping on couches and in cars to make sure the job gets done. These were accepted as bumps along the road in route to delivering the highest quality superfood bars on the market.