+ Why are Sprouted Minds Bars stored in refrigerator?

We take pride in using the freshest highest quality raw ingredients that we can source. The combination of these fresh ingredients and the fact that we are the only company adding cold-brewed herbal tea to our bars means that the added moisture shortens the shelf life. The good news is that the Tulsi tea we use adds amazing health benefits, taste, and rehydrates the fruit to give a chewy soft texture unlike any other bar.

+ Are the bars organic or gluten free?

We take pride in serving certified organic and certified gluten free bars. Sprouted Minds bars at 95% organic certified by CCOF and we are proudly certified gluten free by GFCO.

+ Are they vegan or vegetarian?

Our bars are all vegetarian. We do use organic bee pollen in our bars for its amazing health benefits and that is the only ingredient which keeps us from being a vegan product.

+ What allergens are in your bars?

All of our bars are dairy, soy, nut, and gluten free!

+ Where can I purchase Sprouted Minds bars?

We are distributed throughout Northern California Whole Foods and many independent stores. We are also in Erewhon Market in Southern california. We are growing quickly so keep an eye our for us at your local health food stores! You can click on our "Find Us" tab to find our which stores we're in by zip code.

+ How long will Sprouted Minds bars last in the fridge?

Our bars will last 90 days in the fridge. You can store them in the freezer for a longer shelf life. Keeping them in a freezer bag will prevent them from getting freezer burn and will maintain the bars flavor profile and nutritional properties.

+ How long will Sprouted Minds bars last outside of the fridge?

Our bars will last up to a week outside of the fridge. If kept out of the fridge it's recommended to keep the bars in a cool area out of direct sunlight. We take pride in having bars that have shorter shelf lifes. Real food needs to be kept in the fridge!