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Cacao Bars -10 Case

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choc nutri ama.jpg

Cacao Bars -10 Case


Our chocolate is originated high up in the Ecuadorian mountain ranges where the raw cacao beans develop with a sweet and mild flavor profile that will have dark chocolate lovers raving for more.

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Customer Reviews
I hope you are doing so well! I received my delivery of the bars I ordered today and cannot thank you enough!! They are truly AMAZING. I just had one as a pre-workout snack and my body is so happy. Thank you for making such a fantastic and wholesome product with nutritious and delicious ingredients. I will definitely be ordering more very soon!! I really mean it... your product is absolutely fantastic.
— Laura
Hi! I just came across your bar this morning at Whole Foods and was so excited that I finally found a bar that was right up my health conscious alley- very clean, nourishing, healing ingredients for my body . A nutritious bar that I have always been looking for that was indeed delicious.
— Rebecca
Hi! LOVE your bars!! Just wanted you to know that I personally phoned Good Earth in Mill Valley and let their grocery manager know how amazing your bars are, and that I would like their MV store and Fairfax to carry them!
— Aia
A big thanks for creating such a delicious product that we both are enjoying so much. You’ve made it so we no longer can tolerate any of the other bars out there. We are each eating one bar a day.
— Brian
I tried your bars for the first time today and LOVED them.
— Rachel