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Most “health” and energy bars on the market are not doing you any good; quite the opposite in fact. This is because most are highly processed, and – worse yet- packed with sugar. Sprouted Minds food bars are different, in a class of their own. Our products are health potent and pure, using only the highest quality of organic, raw, and sprouted ingredients that are suitable for the health conscious, athletes, and for people who are simply looking for a tasty health fix.

The idea of health consciousness and sustainability sparked in Sprouted Minds founder and recent University of California, Berkeley alum, Michael Assayag, during his teenage years. In high school Michael adopted a healthy life style after always feeling sluggish after eating food available at his school. Michael began a clean diet regime, free of artificial, colors, flavors,  sweeteners, unhealthy oils, and preservatives. Almost immediately Michael could feel a difference in his mental clarity and during his wrestling practices. He quickly began to share his positive experience with others and embarked on a mission of teaching others how to lead similar life style.

   Michael Assayag, Sprouted Minds founder producing at Kitchentown, San Mateo, CA

   Michael Assayag, Sprouted Minds founder producing at Kitchentown, San Mateo, CA

It was during the same time that Michael started becoming more socially responsible. As a senior in high school Michael established the first recycling program within the Palos Verdes unified school district setting up paper recycling bins in most class rooms as well as in the library. Continuing with this trend Michael also co-created a recycling program at his local community college. He drafted a grant proposal for $65,000.00 to install fifteen solar powered trash compactors around the campus.

Michael’s belief is that one contributes positively to the planet as they would contribute positively to their own body. At Sprouted Minds our vision is to deliver the purest, most potent ingredients possible all while creating a sustainable environment for employees and the planet.

Sprouted Minds first retail location, March 2013, at the Berkeley Student Food Collective